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Innovators and Remodellers

Posted by johnreynolds on September 9, 2005 at 6:04 AM PDT

Jacob Hookam writes in his blog:

"Ruby on Rails: love it or hate it, but it does have a lot of fresh ideas."

I admit to RoR envy (It's fun, powerful and innovative)
but I am more likely to actually use Facelets (in my work).

Facelets doesn't have any fresh ideas (to speak of). It's the improvement of an existing framework (JSF) by the application of other's innovations (Tapestry et. al.). In this context, RoR's
David Heinemeier Hansson is sort of like I.M. Pei, while Facelet's Jacob Hookam is a bit more like Bob Vila.

We're really lucky to have both types of folks in our midst. Fresh ideas keep us young... but it's really great to figure out how to actually use them in our daily lives.

Thanks Jacob. Thanks David. And thanks to all the other innovators and remodellers out there who've been so generous with their efforts.

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