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IBM buys Java

Posted by johnreynolds on March 18, 2009 at 5:45 PM PDT

Rumor has it that IBM is buying Java - and the company that spawned it.

Of course I'm exaggerating- Sun's more than just Java - but I bet Java is the key. IBM has made huge investments over the years that are dependent on Java, and the prospect of anyone else getting hold of Java has got to keep many IBM execs up at night.

Will this be a good thing for Java? I think so. Open Source software may be free, but developing it sure isn't, and having a financially sound landlord is a good thing.

If this truly is the end for Sun, that's a sad thing. But it's not necessarily a sad thing for Java.

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@musketyr85: Not only this would be the worst thing that could happen to java, it would be the worst thing that could happen in computer world in general. OK ... 2nd worst (Microsoft buying Sun would be worse).

finally. in my opinion this is the best thing what could happen to java.

The situation is only economical needs. Money, money and more money. We do not know what will IBM do with Sun products. About information , the main thing IBM wants is to grow its part of server market. Several softwares will suffer if this situation happens : may be Java will be twisted, Glassfish and Netbeans will disapear. "IBM buys Sun" sounds very bad.

No? IBM is responsible for some of the stinkiest turds on the jdk, like swing.text and corba. Also eclipse can stick its perspectives where the sun doesn't shine. Netbeans forever. Websphere? WTF? Are we going to use anything instead of glassfish nowadays?

Hopefully Netbeans will be spun out on their own, much like IBM spun out Eclipse. Funding will be a challenge, but it always has been. As for everything else... It will be re-branded as WebSphere :-) IBM does have many shortcomings... but they do have the resources to fund things. No bucks, no Buck Rogers ;-) -JohnR

IBM provided many good things for Java too, like ICU4j, which either influenced or became Java's i18n internals.

This will be a nightmare, as IBM will ruin or kill all of Sun's excellent software products. I should know. I work for a large IBM customer and have to use their faulty software every day.

I'm not convinced that this will be a good thing for Java and related open source projects. IBM will almost certainly kill Netbeans and push WDSC on developers. What about MySQL? IBM already offers DB2, and although I prefer MySQL, will IBM be willing to continue funding work on both? IBM seems to be stuck in yesteryear's mindset. Just look at the iSeries.