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Is Go a Java replacement?

Posted by johnreynolds on January 25, 2010 at 11:26 AM PST

Is Go a Java replacement?  Of course not, but I do wonder what Google's up to:


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what google's up to

similar trends in other places, as you know. Clojure, jruby, scala. Recently in tracking neoj4 (very good FYI), a person said the only thing against it was it's java back end. I tried to get some logical reasons, for a backend does not inflict java on the client, which could be ruby or other. I really think the dev community is more or less like everybody else, and goes with trendy, then rationalizes after the fact.

Because the java platform (JDK) has slowed innovation, the Thought leaders must find fertile ground to author Works, training, and frameworks. They will begin claiming end of life. I think in the turmoil other large corps with coherent and full featured dev environments will benefit. For example, "at present, there's no IDE support for Go." I find it difficult to abandon the rich refactoring features in Eclipse, gotta assume there are at least a few more like me who aren't likely to code in a text assuming they want DB, IDE, and language where do they go?

At the same time, Google is offering some of the best open source tools for Java (Guice and Collections come to mind). So I think the "what's up" is some very thoughtful, innovative software engineers who had a good idea, and perhaps they will get a book or two out of it as well.