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New Java Power Tools book website

Posted by johnsmart on February 18, 2007 at 3:28 PM PST

This weekend, I redesigned the "Java Power Tools" web site, and shipped the lot onto The move was mainly motivated by a need to have more visibility on visit statistics, but also gives a lot more control over the visual design (via CSS), and has a nice AJAX-powered administration interface.

The "official unofficial" book site is still at, but the "real" URLs behind the scenes have changed. I've migrated everyone's comments as well, as they are all interesting.

For those who missed the earlier posts, "Java Power Tools" is a new book that I'm currently working on for publication by O'Reilly. It is basically about software tools and techniques that can contribute to improving the SDLC (Software Development Lifecyle). This includes build tools such as Maven and Ant, CI tools, code quality tools, testing tools, collaborative tools, source version control, and more! It is very much a collaborative book, where other authors can (and are encouraged to!) contribute material on specific subjects, and future readers are encouraged to voice opinions on their favorite tools and on what they would like to see in the book. I'd love to get some feedback on the topics, including suggestions on other material I haven't mentioned but should.