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Java Power Tools: where it's at

Posted by johnsmart on February 13, 2008 at 5:29 PM PST

It's been a while since I've given any updates on the status of the Java Power Tools book. So, here goes. The actual writing is done. Over the last couple of months, Java Power Tools has been proofread and typeset, getting it ready to go to print. Estimated release date is mid March. I've seen and reviewed the individual chapters in the final form - now I'm just waiting for the final cut.

The book is finally much bigger than I thought. Current estimates are around 880 pages - I don't know exactly, as I wrote the book in Docbook (I used XMLMind to do the actual writing). My original estimate was around 475 pages. So underestimating work is not just something that happens in the software industry! I basically managed to more-or-less stick to the original schedule through sheer stubbornness, hard work and lots of late nights.

I'm planning to give a talk in Wellington sometime in March - more details to come. I'm also busy preparing some training material based on some of the topics covered by the book, for some courses to be given later on in the year. Again, more details later.


Indeed - you will find the full TOC at the bottom of the page here.

Is there a TOC for the book available? Curious which 30 tools are presented.