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JavaOne 2008 - towards user interfaces that rock!

Posted by johnsmart on May 8, 2008 at 7:21 AM PDT

Enhanced user experience is a key theme coming out of this year's JavaOne.
There are countless sessions on innovative technologies such as JavaFX, the Google Web Toolkit, Comet, and Android. All of these have in common that they are Java-based technologies that allow you to create enhanced user experiences without all the hard work. Well, with less hard work than if you had to code it all yourself :-).

JavaFX is a high-level scripting language that lets you create extremely visual browser-based user interfaces. The Google Web Toolkit (in which you build an AJAX-enabled Javascript web interface using Java classes that any old Swing developer will feel at home with. Comet is a technology that enables the server to update the user's web page automatically whenever required, with no intervention on the part of the user and little network overhead.

If you believe sun, this is clearly the way of the future. It's a shame that some government organisations still refuse themselves these technologies, on the basis that they (or at least, the AJAX-based ones) require Javascript, and, in theory at least, not all users have Javascript activated on their browsers. I guess they'll learn with time...