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Slides from the Maven talk at JavaOne

Posted by johnsmart on June 4, 2009 at 9:14 AM PDT

This year at JavaOne, I gave a talk entitled 'Getting Serious About Build Automation: Using
Maven in the Real World'. The talk summary is as follows:

Maven 2 is becoming increasingly popular in larger organizations looking to standardize and industrialize their build processes as well as in smaller shops simply trying to get more out of their builds. This session, for developers wanting to learn about Maven and Maven users wanting to get more out of their build tool, covers the main features and benefits of Maven and then looks at some of the more advanced uses of Maven in the real world, including complex transitive dependency management, dependency conflicts, multimodule projects, and integration with other build systems. It also looks at how the m2eclipse plug-in can be used to improve the Maven user experience and how to use the Nexus repository manager with the Maven release process to publish your APIs within your organization.

You can download the slides for this talk here

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