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New Training Course in TDD and advanced Java testing techniques

Posted by johnsmart on September 23, 2009 at 4:51 PM PDT

Wakaleo Consulting is pleased to announce a new training course focusing on Agile Testing Practices for Java developers. Indeed, whether you are applying Agile methodologies or not, high quality unit and integration testing is an essential key to high-quality software.

During this very practical 2-day workshop, and students spend two very full days writing a real Java application using Test-Driven Development and Behaviour-Driven Development techniques along with a variety of tools, including the latest features of JUnit 4.7, mocking and stubbing effectively with Mockito, BDD-style acceptance tests with easyb, Selenium and JWebUnit, database testing with DBUnit, Continuous Testing with Infinitest, and more!

The first course will be held in Wellington, on November 12-13, and other courses will be planned shortly for Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland, and other sites.

Also, just a reminder about the upcoming Java Power Tools workshops coming up in Sydney and Wellington, and early next year in Paris and London. This 5-day workshop takes you through a broad range of tools that can help you set up highly productive software development environment infrastructure. It includes tools such as Maven, Nexus, Hudson, Sonar, and many, many others, and shows how to effectively use techniques such as Build Automation, Continuous Integration, Automated Unit, Integration and Acceptance Tests, Automated Code Quality Metrics, and Automated Deployments.

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