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Reminder: Java Power Tools Bootcamps in Sydney and Wellington coming up soon!

Posted by johnsmart on September 29, 2009 at 4:54 PM PDT

Just a reminder about the Java Power Tools Bootcamp sessions coming up in Sydney and Wellington.

The Sydney session is planned for October 19-23, and the Wellington one is scheduled for November 16-20. These workshops are a great way to give your Java development practices a boost and introduce some kick-ass tools, techniques and tricks into your daily development routine. They are a practical, hands-on, and in-depth, covering build automation techniques with Maven and Nexus, automated release and deployment strategies with CargoNexus and Hudsonunit, integration and web testing techniques with tools like JUnit 4.7, Selenium, Infinitesteasyb,  code coverage and code quality with tools like Cobertura, Checkstyle, Findbugs and Sonar, advanced Continuous Integration techniques with Hudson, and more!

Better still, the course is agile - few other courses dynamically adapt the content and level of the modules to suit your particular needs the way this one does!

I've been getting very positive feedback about the course, both from newer developers and from more experienced ones. I got several comments along the lines of "One of the best and most useful courses I have attended". Many developers appreciate the global view they get of current Java Best Practices: "This was a great all round introduction to best practices for development process optimization. I found all of the content very helpful and easy to understand". Others liked the global picture, and the way the course covers not only what tools exist, but when they are appropriate: "Gives a very good overall view of the Java development environment. Not just how to write Java code but the 'business end' - how to build, test, deploy, manage and monitor."

We also offer generous group and public service discounts. So why not come along? Sign up today!