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Java Power Tools Bootcamps and TDD workshops for the first half of 2010

Posted by johnsmart on January 12, 2010 at 5:16 PM PST

We are finalizing plans for the Java Power Tools Bootcamps and TDD training sessions for the first half of 2010. Highlights include the upcoming London and Paris sessions of the Java Power Tools bootcamps, as well as many sessions Wellington, Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne.

Java Power Tools Bootcamps

The Java Power Tools Bootcamps are all about bringing together a broad selection of open source tools and building a robust development environment for your teams. It is a very practical 5-day workshop covering advanced build automation and scripting with Maven, good testing practices and tools, tools to enforce code quality such as Checkstyle, Findbugs and Sonar, and Continuous Integration and automated releases with Hudson and Nexus.

The Java Power Tools Bootcamp is a comprehensive, innovative and hands-on workshop covering best-of-breed open source tools and techniques for Agile Development in Java. Learn how to optimize your development process, hone your programming skills and know-how, and ultimately produce better software.

The Java Power Tools Bootcamps will be running in the following locations over the next few months:

  • London - 15-19 February 2010 - £2495* (£2250 before 23/01/2010)
  • Paris - 22-26 February 2010 - 3750 €* (3375.00 € before 16/01/2010)
  • Wellington - 22-26 March 2010 - $4290 NZD $ (3975 before 31/01/2010)
  • Sydney - 12-16 April 2010 - $3850 AUD $ (3550 before 28/02/2010)
  • Canberra 26-30 April 2010 $3850 AUD $ (3550 before 28/02/2010)

Test Driven Development, Behaviour-Driven Development, and other Agile Developer Testing Practices

The Testing and TDD for Java Developers course was launched late last year, and has already proved very popular. It's a very practical workshop designed to teach developers the tools and techniques they need to apply Test Driven Development effectively in the real world:

Developer testing practices are a vital, yet often under-used art. Learning how to write more effective tests is an excellent way to write better designed, more maintainable and more reliable code. It also helps keep development focused on the real requirements, resulting in a higher quality product for the end user. This is a skill that every Java developer needs to master.

This course is an intensive 2-day workshop with a mixture of teaching and lab exercises. You will learn about modern Agile testing best practices such as Test-Driven Development and Behaviour-Driven Development, and how to apply them in your own projects. You will gain practical experience with the latest in open source testing tools, including JUnit 4.7, Groovy, Selenium, SoapUI, and JOLT-Award winner easyb. You will also learn how to refactor code, and how to use code coverage and code quality tools such as Cobertura to isolate poor quality or poorly-tested code.

Testing and TDD for Java Developers will be running in the following locations over the next few months:

If your city doesn't appear in this list, don't fret! Send me an email and I'll see what I can arrange for the next batch of courses further on in the year. Plans are already afoot for the USA, for example.

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