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Scrum 2010 - the Agile event in New Zealand in 2010

Posted by johnsmart on January 20, 2010 at 9:29 AM PST

I'm thrilled to announce that I will be speaking at Scrum 2010 this March in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.

Scrum 2010 is shaping up to be one of the major agile conferences in New Zealand this year, with the likes of Dr. Jeff Sutherland (the creator of Scrum), Jens Østergaard (the world's first Certified Scrum Practitioner) and Gabrielle Benefield (former Senior Directory of Agile Development at Yahoo!). Not to mention some well-known local celebrities such as Russell Healy, Ian Ross and Sandy Mamoli.

This event is a smorgestboard of training sessions and workshops, ranging from half-day sessions on specific topics to full-blown 2-day Certified Scrum Master courses. It will be running between March 01 and March 12 in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.

I will be running three half-day workshops in each city, on the more technical aspects underlying Scrum (and other Agile methodologies):

  • An Introduction to Test Driven Development (TDD)
    Learning how to write more effective tests is an excellent way to write better designed, more maintainable and more reliable code. It also helps keep development focused on the real requirements, resulting in a higher quality product for the end user. This is a skill that every developer needs to master.
  • Fundamentals of Continuous Integration
    Continuous Integration is a fundamental best practice of modern software development. In this course, you will learn how to set up an effective Continuous Integration environment that will reduce integration issues, improve code quality, and improve communication and collaboration between team members. You will also learn how Continuous Integration can act as a communications hub for your development team.
  • Automating the build process with Maven
    More than a build scripting tool, Maven 2 is a build framework that can help you improve your development productivity and code quality, promote better software architecture, and improve team communication. Learn how to develop an efficient and standardized build infrastructure, that will improve your software architecture and your development practices in general.

Check out the program for more details about each workshop.


I'm really looking forward to this conference - great people and great content, it should be a lot of fun. See you there!

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