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Speaking at Über Conf 2010 in Colorado in June

Posted by johnsmart on April 6, 2010 at 3:34 AM PDT

I'm proud to say that I will be participating in the upcoming Über Conf 2010 in Colorado this June. This is a truly awesome conference, featuring rock-star developers of the likes of Keith Donald, Matthew McCullough, David Klein, Paul King, Neal Ford and heaps more. Here's what the brochure says:

"Uber Conf 2010, the extreme Java platform experience will offer over 120 technically focused sessions including over 20 hands on workshops centered around Architecture, Cloud, Security, Enterprise Java, Languages on the JVM, Build/Test, Mobility and Agility. The goal of Uber Conf is a simple one: totally blow the minds of our attendees

Go to for further details and registration information. Join us at the Ü for an unforgettable experience!"

I will be presenting four sessions:

  • Continuous Integration with Hudson (3 hour workshop)

    Continuous Integration is a fundamental best practice of modern software development. In this workshop, you will learn how to set up an effective Continuous Integration environment using Hudson, a popular open source Continuous Integration tool.

    You will learn how to reduce integration issues, improve code quality, and improve communication and collaboration between team members. You will also learn how Continuous Integration can act as a communications hub for your development team.

  • Automated deployment with Maven and friends - going the whole nine yards

    Automating your build process with Continuous Integration is certainly a great idea, but why stop there? Why not go the whole nine yards and automate the deployment process as well? Staging and production deployments are typically more complicated and more involved than a simple development deployment, but doing them by hand can be time-consuming, tricky and error-prone. Indeed, turning your staging and production deployments into a one-click affair has a lot going for it.

  • Zen and the Art of Build Script Maintenance

    Build scripts are an essential art in any software project. And yet they are so often fragile, brittle and unportable things, hard to understand and harder to maintain. In this talk, we cover what constitutes a good build script, and look at a few of the essential rules in writing one. We will look at general techniques that are applicable to any build scripting technology, as well as some technology-specific tips for Ant and Maven.

  • Coding Dojo

    Coding Dojo is a place where programmers come to improve their skills, by following a pattern similar to the martial arts dojo. Participants meet for at a pre-arranged time in a room that has one computer attached to a screen. The aim of the exercise will be to add features to an existing (working) web application, using a variety of technologies, such as Hibernate, JUnit 4, JWebUnit, Selenium, easyb and more. Participants will take turns to code, using pair programming and TDD.

    During the session, the group spends a pre-set amount of time developing a solution to the challenge. At the end of the session the code is discarded (often it is archived for future reference and study). The amount of time spent on the problem is fixed. Regardless of the state of the solution, when the time expires, the session is done.

So if you can make it, come along! Check out the program - this is going to be a truly spectacular conference event! But hurry - the super early bird discount for UberConf 2010 ends on Monday, April 12th.

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