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Hudson and JUnit Kung Fu at JavaOne this year

Posted by johnsmart on August 23, 2010 at 5:21 PM PDT

This year, I'll be giving two talks at JavaOne: one on Hudson and one on JUnit. Here are the rundowns:

S312977 - Getting More from Your CI Server: Taking Hudson to the Next Level

Hudson is an excellent open source, continuous integration server with a rich and rapidly evolving feature set. Targeted to developers, lead developers, and architects interested in implementing CI with Hudson or enhancing their existing CI setup, this session will focus on using Hudson's more advanced features to go from Continuous Integration to Continuous Quality and Continuous Deployment. The session will focus on how Hudson can help with:

  • Enforcing code quality metrics
  • Build promotion strategies
  • Automated release and deployment
  • Web and performance testing
  • Distributed builds and CI in the cloud



S312958 - JUnit Kung Fu: Getting More Out of Your Unit Tests

JUnit is the de facto standard in Java testing. Yet many advanced JUnit features are little known and poorly understood. This session reviews some lesser-known features of JUnit, along with a few associated libraries, that can make your unit tests more powerful, expressive, and fun. The session is intended for Java developers, lead developers, and architects trying to introduce good testing practices into their teams. Attendees will learn about:

  • The fine art of naming your tests
  • Writing clearer and more expressive tests with Hamcrest and Mockito
  • Data-driven testing in JUnit with parameterized tests and theories
  • Using JUnit rules to extend your test cases and writing your own rules to customize JUnit
  • Using JUnit categories to group your tests
  • Getting faster feedback with parallel testing and continuous testing tools


I'm looking forward to catching up as well, so do give a yell if you intent to be at JavaOne this year.

And if you want to learn even more about JUnit, Hudson and lots of other cool tools, be sure to check out the Java Power Tools Bootcamps - scheduled soon for London and Canberra.


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