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Talking at Devoxx and the Skillsmatter BDD Exchange

Posted by johnsmart on October 25, 2010 at 3:18 PM PDT

It's almost November, and I'm looking forward to another trip over to Europe - and fitting in Devoxx and the Agile Testing and BDD Exchange in one week! I have the pleasure of being able to talk at both:

At Devoxx, I'll be talking about "Continuous Deployment - automated build pipelines with Maven, Nexus and Hudson":

Automating your build process with Continuous Integration is great, but why stop there? Why not go the whole nine yards and automate the deployment process as well? Staging and production deployments are typically more complicated and more involved than a simple development deployment, but doing them by hand can be time-consuming, tricky and error-prone. Indeed, turning your staging and production deployments into a one-click affair has a lot going for it.

This will essentially be a 90 minute demonstration of build and release pipelines Hudson, Maven and Nexus, with lots of cool plugins and tips along the way.

And at the Agile Testing and BDD Exchange in London, I'll be talking about "BDD, ATDD and Page Objects"

In this presentation John Ferguson Smart discusses several case studies of automating web testing using BDD and ATDD tools and techniques. In particular, he will discuss an approach where developers wrote reusable web testing components that could be used both for their own technical tests, but also by QA to automated higher-level, end-to-end, ATDD-style tests. Using the Page Objects pattern with WebDriver, Groovy and easyb, developers where able to capitalize on testing efforts, and make it easier for both developers and testers to share and reuse the same web testing components, each for their own related but quite different testing needs.

So see you all in Antwerp and London!

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