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Automated Web Testing with WebDriver workshop - now running over two days!

Posted by johnsmart on March 16, 2014 at 1:45 PM PDT

Due to popular demand, we are now running our very popular Automted Web Testing with WebDriver workshop over two days. This workshop is an excellent way for both developers and testers to get up to speed with high quality automated web testing practices, in either Java or .NET.

Test automation is vital important skill for any tester today, but in my experience many testers do not have the training, experience or background to write automated tests as effectively as they could. This course will help them realise this potential. (Testers will need a basic understanding of programming in Java or .NET, or some experience in working with test automation scripts, to get the most out of the course).

This intensive two-day workshop teaches students how to write solid, reliable, and maintainable automated web tests using the best-of-breed open source technologies like Selenium WebDriver and Thucydides. Students learn how to write tests more efficiently and more cleanly, in a way that both increases the number of scenarios they can automate, and reduces ongoing maintenance costs considerably. Students also how to write automated web tests that provide better communication and reporting value, using BDD tools like JBehave and SpecFlow.

We are running the course over the next few months on the following dates:

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