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Blogging Java code - standard mark-up tools?

Posted by jonbruce on May 20, 2005 at 10:29 AM PDT

I find myself more and more frequently writing blogs that include extensive code blocks -- I'm looking for away to automatically mark-up the code that I can publish to a blog that will similar to what any credible IDE will do automatically.

Consider this block of code that I blogged at my corporate blog site recently...

XQDataSource dataSource = null;
DDXQDataSource dataSource = (DDXQDataSource)new DDXQDataSource();

... and I think I could probably do better. Take a look at this site which has close to the look and feel I am looking for:

I am sure many bloggers on would like to see perhaps a standard template (driven perhaps by a style sheets) that we could use to mark-up any amount of code we want to publish.

Similar to my old buddy Calvin Austin (a fellow Sun Alumni) I now have the ability to code at will on our blogs and I least want to make what I write a little more readable. Any suggestions, please comment below as I am very interested to see what is out there...

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