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XQuery meets Tivo - (Part I)

Posted by jonbruce on July 6, 2005 at 8:29 AM PDT

JavaOne 2005 saw much chatter around XML bindings slated for Dolphin, alignment around JBI but it also saw important presentations given on XQuery and what it means for today's Java developer.

Despite competing with the sometimes booming Moscone PA system, I enjoyed giving my view of XQuery and it's impact on J2EE, XML and SOA; I got some excellent questions and learned about some very interesting integration challenges that I believe XQuery could solve. Of course, my thanks to both Dennis MacNeil and Michael O'Neill giving me two speaking slots Oracle Guru Lounge on the JavaOne Pavilion floor.

Kudos also to Jason Hunter, who I thought did an excellent job with his presentation on XQuery for the Java geek. Jason is able to both excite, entertain and educate his audience is a manner I hope one day to emulate.

For most Java developers, learning XQuery is the greatest challenge, but learning this new language can also be fun! Poking around my home network I noticed that my beloved Tivo has a wealth of XML content that I can use to grow my XQuery skills. Interested in learning more.. read on...One of the more interesting sources of XML data is located underneath right under your TV. Your TIVO DVR is rich with XML data that is used to maintain the currently playing recorded programs and to manage a variety of content.

How do you get the XML ?

First you

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