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The votes are in.

Posted by joshy on September 26, 2007 at 9:28 AM PDT

I've got a free moment here at the MidWest Tech Days (and if you are in the MidWest you should be here too!) so I thought I would tally the votes generated by my previous blog:

You vote for your favorite article and I'll write it!

Before I get to the results themselves I must say that I was quite surprised by the response. 34 comments with some very good suggestions. I'm glad to see that there is such passion in these topics.

So here's the breakdown (and please correct me if I miscounted) :

  • Graphic Design for Engineers: 18
  • Intro to Painters: 14
  • JavaFX Script: 10
  • JXMapViewer: 8
  • Swing App & Beans Binding in NetBeans: 7
  • Nice feedback with Drag and Drop in Java 6.0: 2
  • 1 each for JNLP'd Derby driven app and
    some stuff with lucene / solr / hibernate

I'm surprised that the JXMapViewer was so popular, and that the Swing App Framework and Beans Binding in NetBeans was so low. Most of all, however, I'm quite surprised to see the graphic design article score so high. Clearly "making GUIs that don't suck" is a high priority for a lot of you.

Thank you all for your feedback. It looks like I've got some writing to do. Keep watching for new articles coming soon.

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