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JavaFX Preview SDK released

Posted by joshy on July 31, 2008 at 5:53 AM PDT

I'm happy to announce that we have released the first preview version of the JavaFX SDK. Head over to to check it out. We've all been working very hard on it for the last few months, so it's quite a relief to have it out. You can see my first post on our new official JavaFX blog. In this post I'll show you the code to build this graphical goodie below. (sorry, no snails involved Coté)


rotating, but not snails

Have fun!

A comment on the cross-platform support

You may notice in our system requirements we list only Mac and Windows. This may lead some to think JavaFX won't run on Linux or Solaris. This isn't true. JavaFX absolutely *does* run on Linux and Solaris. So what's the deal? Well, we felt the SDK just wasn't ready to ship yet for Linux and Solaris. Rather than hold back the release we dropped those from the download. If you want you can still get most of the bits from the daily builds here, if you are comfortable running untested alpha software. What you won't get is a nice polished installer bundle, plugins for Photoshop and Illustrator (obviously, since they don't exist for anything other than Mac/Win), and media support (currently only available on Windows).

Most importantly, and I can't stress this enough, any program you build with the JavaFX Preview SDK will run anywhere Java 6 is available, including Linux and Solaris. The graphics speed may not be great and there's no video support yet, but it will run.

Our work on Linux and Solaris support is ongoing. And as we get closer to the 1.0 release we will continue to work on performance and stability so that all major operating systems are well supported by the JavaFX runtime.



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+1 for linux support

Hm.. thats a sad state of affairs. No Linux and no OpenSolaris version. What an interesting decision to make. Not sure what to make of it.

I've gotten the word on support for other operating systems besides Win/Mac.

The JavaFX Preview SDK currently supports use on Windows and Mac OSX desktops running Java SE 6. JavaFX applications produced by this SDK may run on other desktop environments, but these are not officially supported at this time. We will continue to evaluate additional operating system platform support as we move towards our 1.0 release and beyond.

pdoubleya Currently you must sign apps to use a lot of the features of the JavaFX runtime. (they may work in some cases without signing, but I always sign just in case). We are working out these details and will provide a Sun hosted and/or bundled version of the JavaFX runtime in the future. This version will be signed by Sun and be cached so you only have to download it once (if at all).

Hey Josh--as always, very nice little demo. A couple of points. 1) Is this packed with pack200? 2) Is it required to sign all FX JNLP apps? If not, why are you signing yours? Keep up the good work, I was kind sort waiting for a follow up to your lights out game... Cheers Patrick

Hmm, been waiting a long time for this news but it seems that Linux users were forgotten.

Thats awesome. But how do I play with it on Linux. I only get mac and windows download options..

Congrats! Looks like great stuff. Can't wait to try it. What about having a JavaFX tutorial as the Java tutorial available now? We're missing real demos. The demos available are cool but not real apps. When will we see the source code of the demo of the JavaFX app presented at Javaone?

jseltzer I recommend getting the NB + JavaFX download. The installer should skip installing NB itself if you already have it.

Congratulations... now let's rock some Java on the web:))

So I already have Netbeans 6.1 and tried to download the new javafx plugin seperately. I followed the instructions on (beta netbeans update site, etc.) but the 'Plugins' dialog does not have an 'Available Plugin' for javafx. Any idea what I might be missing?

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congrats to all of you guys !


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