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JavaFX bleg

Posted by joshy on August 5, 2008 at 8:54 AM PDT

The initial JavaFX Preview SDK release has gone pretty well. There were a few snafus and broken links, but overall it has gone pretty smoothly for a first preview release. As we plan our next steps I thought I'd ask you all a question. In fact, I'm going to abuse the great power of my blog (2-3 power, to be exact) by begging. So this is a blog beg, or bleg: what samples do you want to see?

If you've downloaded the SDK already what would you like to build but don't know how to? If you haven't downloaded the SDK what sample would inspire you to try it out? If you've already started building an app, what problems you encountered? What could you use help with? Deployment? Media? Animation? Browser integration?

At the end of the day we are making this SDK so that you guys will build interesting applications. What samples can I build to help you do that?

Thanks. Bleg-off.

- Josh


I will be in an upcoming Ask the Experts session on JavaFX. On August 18th you'll be able to post questions at the link above for me, Martin Brehovsky, and Larry McDonough.


The Flickr demo was the main one that was interesting to me, even though it is basically a toy app. It combined webservice (rss) consumption along with laying out the results. I got an equivalent demo working in JavaFX, however mine did not look as nice - but I'm sure I could improve it. I would be interested to see if an expert like you would implement it the same way I did. If I get a few hours to clean mine up I may post it. Another example that I wanted to try out, but have not had time, is to integrate some sort of JavaFX view (chart?) into a standard java app that is already producing some data. Figuring out the right pattern for that may be an easy way to let people test the waters by adding on to their existing apps.

Why not a competition, with price money and geek fame to win?

Thanks for the offer Josh. If I had to pick one sample I would like to see, it would be the browser integration one. Where you can show how to manipulate the browser DOM, and how the Javascript in the page manipulates the JavaFX object. Another one would be on how to use the JavaFX REST API. A third would be on how to do some interesting advanced effects. Thanks in advance.

But is there a Flex demo that is interesting to *you*? There is an infinite number of demos we could build with a finite amount of time. I'd like to know what to target.

If I were you guys, I'd take a look at the samples Adobe has for Flex, like their tutorial for building a Flickr tag browser. That would give you an easy way to compare where you are stronger/weaker vs the competition. Most people who are looking at using FX are probably also debating the merits of Flex.

Hi Josh, I just wanna second the lots of guys who need/wish a (youtube-like crossplatform) video player demo written in JavaFX. That's almost the only reason why I'm waiting for JavaFX.

Hi Josh, I am still new to Java, JavaFX, Flex and RIA applications in general with my background mainly in PHP and VBScript. I recently started playing around with Flex, but I am working towards an AS in Java programming so I want to use something that will complement that investment. Some examples I would like to see are: - Connecting to, displaying data from, and writing data to a MySQL or MSSql database - Tabbed user interface - Data charting (pie, bar, and line charts) - Sending e-mail - (s)FTP file transfers and local filesystem manipulation - Deploying and updating a JavaFX app via a web page/updating service - Integration with popular web toolkits such as Yahoo YUI and Google GWT. I know there are a lot of people way ahead of me already, but some simple examples like these would go a long ways to helping a novice like me get into the JavaFX and RIA game and help me further develop my Java programming training. Thanks, Tim Boyden