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Introducing the JFXStudio

Posted by joshy on February 15, 2009 at 11:53 PM PST

Today I'm pleased to announce a new experimental site a few of us have been working on called the JFXStudio ( It's a site specifically for sharing your JavaFX creations. The JFXStudio is not meant to be an app-of-the-day kind of site, or a showcase for polished apps. It's a place where you can show off your doodles and works in progress. And it's a place where you can get great feedback on your JavaFX creations. Think of it as a Flickr or DeviantArt for JavaFX instead of images. Go check it out at We've pre-seeded the site with creations from 6 prominent JavaFX bloggers (like the one below) and we can't wait to have more submissions.

Visualizing Sub-Prime Losses, by Chui Tey

The JFXStudio is a community driven site that is starting small but will grow over time. It is currently hosted on, which is technically limited (no applets or javascript are allowed), but we plan to move it to a better content management system in the future as the site grows. (and we would love recommendations on CMSes to use).

So please check out the site, then share some of your own JavaFX creations.

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@ swv, the mobile version of JavaFX is guaranteed to have everything in the common profile. The JavaME implementation underneath JavaFX will most likely be MSA, but it is not guaranteed to contain *anything* in particular. That's why I recommend staying at the JavaFX level.

I see thank you. We're probably just confused. We don't understand what's going to be avail on mobile- which parts of core java.. When you look at the packages alphabetically, the last package with java as the first part ( is After that it's javax which used to mean java extension I think. So we're trying to get clear about what's going to contractually be avail on mobile. everything from and back? We understand Swing is not. on mobile, but aside from the obvious, we're not sure what else that means. Sound in or out? crypto in or out? security in or out? Basically we have tow data points- swing is not in, and core java is in. But the link on the Sun page to 1.6 docs splits the API up into core and non-core with swing included in the core part :(. So we're just confused, with a dash of certainty on some things thrown in.

@swv, as long as you adhere to the license of the open JDK there is nothing stopping you. Note that you will probably need to change the package name from one that java or javax, since those are treated specially and can only be overridden on the boot classpath.

Along those lines, is there anything stopping me from including those class files in those packages in an application I write for JavaFX mobile? Am I being a bad citizen by doing that somehow? Violating a license in some way or otherwise being no good? So I want those classes. They're open source. I rip and snip what I need and package it up with the rest of my classes. Legal? Advisable? Possible? Preferred? It's not clear to us what's going to "make it" into JavaFX. I know I am officially OT now. I will try to contribute something to JFXStudio when I understand JavaFX :)

java.awt.font and java.text I meant LOL.. awt.font has LineBreakMeasurer FontRenderingContext TextHitInfo and TextLayout which are needed for sophisticated text layouts. java.text contains AttributeCharacterIterator which is used by some of the above classes. You could roll your own implementation of ACI and even the stuff in swing.text is not that inconceivable but the LineBreakMeasurer, FontRenderContext ,TextHitInfo and TextLayout seem to absorb all the difficulties of computing font sizes on different platforms and taking into account the idiosyncrasies involved in bidi text, like, in which direction should the cursor move given that its before this particular glyph in this particular word in this particular right to left reading language etc etc..... So I would like for the functionality represented by those classes get ported, wrapped or otherwise replicated in JavaFX first and foremost even before any of the stuff in swing.text. Y'all asked for feedback, so that's my vote and that's how I'm casting it !

Hi swv. There is no java.awt.text package. Do you mean the Swing text packages? JavaFX has it's own text apis which will continue to improve upon what is provided by Java2D today. We will have text available on both desktop and mobile which does not require Swing, since Swing is desktop only. Flying Saucer is an independent 3rd party open source project (though I am involved with it). Flying Saucer can only render strict XHTML and CSS. It has never been a full webbrowser and cannot render a lot of random content from the web. It's great for use within applications where you are rendering your own content. It has also been heavily used for generating PDFs. Even once JWebPane is released this will be true.

Great resource, thanks ! Here are some random questions involving javaFX and Swing. Are the Swing / AWT text libraries, say java.awt.text , going to be usable from the JavaFX mobile platform? My understanding was that I could use these packages from a desktop JavaFX application by importing them, just as I would import any Swing library, but they're not going to be available on the mobile platform, and neither is Swing. Is that right? About Flying Saucer, is the project moot now that the WebKit-based JWebPane is around? Does FlyingSaucer just confuse the landscape or does it serve a purpose not covered by JWebPane? Just trying to do some resource allocation and get some idea of what possible approaches it makes sense to take. Great blog and hope the FX team finds time to take a breather !

Hi Josh Marinacci How i can publish my JavaFX game on ? My wordpress name is surikov Game: Big screenshot Small screenshot Webstart version Applet version translated description -- Sergey Surikov

Josh, please find something more optimistic for the graphs, other than some market losses! ;-)