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Irresistible Expectations of Fearful Desire

Posted by jst on January 19, 2009 at 12:18 PM PST

For a while I was desperately expecting an important moment. Since I wrote the Practical API Design book, and since its amazon page was created, I've been waiting for first customer review. Almost daily, at least at the beginning, I was watching whether it had already appeared or not. I always opened the
book's page being afraid of what I would find. I feared to see something like unreadable, boring, not interesting for Java programmers, unreadable for English speaker. Yet, at the same time, I could not resist to expected the first review, hoping it will not be so cruel. Today I have found out that the first review is there.

I no longer remember what exactly I was expecting, but this review completely exceeds any of mine expectations. Thanks mathboy for your evaluation. I like how the review starts, I like how it progresses and I like how it ends.
For those who do not have time to read it here is short summary: Just get the book now, until it is out of stock!

I guess I can now be satisfied to have written the book. And thanks for teaching me about Scrooge.

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I am pleased with every reference to my book. So I am looking forward to see more reviews. Or, in case you want to not just evaluate, but also become part of, feel free to modify the wiki at - I am hoping for it to be an ultimate place for rules of proper API Design one day.

Congratulations! I also read your book and thoroughly enjoyed it. Actually, I had to stop at part 3 because some other priorities came up that required reading other books. I look forward to getting back to your book to finish it, and will write a review. I've made a lot of notes to help me absorb it all.

That's a very positive review, especially considering how he reviewed the RCP book: He clearly has no personal bias in your favor :)