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I want to share an RUP presentation that i have made before ...

Posted by kalali on March 9, 2006 at 3:54 AM PST

I saw that there is a poll in java.Net about Software development process. sure I vote in favor of Process that I have work in its framework before (RUP) and I prefer to work in adhere to its rules. And now I wan to share a fast overview presentation about RUP with users that like to know this process and need a very straight and simple to follow presentation. The presentation come in 68 pages and cover the following issues.

-Terms and definitions
-What is RUP?
    -Key aspect of RUP
    -6 Best practices
-RUP Architecture
    -Dynamic aspect
    -Static Aspect
-RUP Workflows
-Software Architecture
-RUP The Product

I provide both PPT and ODP format available for Download.
get the ODP from: