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NetBeans Platform Certification and training.

Posted by kalali on May 20, 2008 at 2:43 AM PDT

Netbeans is well known for beeing a great IDE for developing Java SE, Java EE, C++, Java ME, Sun SPOT, Ruby on Rail, PHP, Groovy, ... but NetBeans has more to offer when it come to developing highly modular desktop applications. The desktop application can be from any possible category like Business oriented, scientific, utilities, development tools, entertinement, etc. You can find a list of applications based on NetBeans platform here And it is provided by the NetBeans platform which what NetBeans IDE and all of its complementary packs and plugins are developed based on it.


If you are a Platform developer you may already know that there are many valuable resources like books and articles already available to start with developing applications on top of NetBeans platform. In addition to all of there resources, NetBeans provides you with another option, NetBeans Platform Certified Training, through this program you can freely attend training courses and get certification based on the level of knowledge and experience that you demonestrate at the end or through the program.


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I hate the idea of certification. Sounds like useless bureaucracy to me. I fully appreciate Netbeans posting training material online but I don't like the idea of someone asking me in the future if I've been Netbeans-certified. Eek! Just my 2 cents :)