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One suite of JSF components to rule them all

Posted by kalali on December 18, 2008 at 11:58 PM PST

Sun Microsystems and ICESoft put a joined effort to back one single JSF component suite. It looks like that Sun realised that re-use and cooperation is another key of a successful business so they are trying to spent less resources on things that are already available in the community by providing some level of support and funding instead of starting the same suite from the scratch.

Sun abandoned further development and support of WoodStock components set which was the primary set of components in the NetBeans IDE visual web development project. And instead they put some effort together with ICESoft to provides a migration path from WoodStock suite to ICESoft component suite.

Although I like WoodStock compoents suite but the move is much more promising than development of the woodstock project in long term as there are more man power behind the ICESoft component set as from now that what was behind the WoodStock project.

ICESoft which is a long term provider and developer of JSF components has a NetBeans module which let developers simply use the ICEFaces components in their projects. New version of the module support working on projects with both ICEFaces and WoodStock components.

There is a comparison matrix between between the two component suite and promising roadmap which you can consult.


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Coding, you may send ICESoft an email and ask them whether they count the FileChooser as a First priority Component or not, if so you will have it by Feb 2009 according to the

I was considering using Woodstock for one of its components, filechooser. But without support, its hard to go that route. Is ICEFaces going to get a similar component? The filechooser is good for internal company intranets and enterprise software, not necessarily for public facing sites.