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OpenMQ, the Open source Message Queuing, for beginners and professionals (OpenMQ from A to Z)

Posted by kalali on March 3, 2010 at 6:45 AM PST

Talking about messaging imply two basic functionalities which all other provided features are built around them; these two capabilities include support for topics and queues which basically lets a message to be consumed by as many interested consumer

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This article is great and is

This article is great and is pretty useful and helpful for beginning to understand OpenMQ, HADB and the JMS part of glassfish, but there is something that I miss. When I create the first cluster (within a domain), with the cluster profile in glassfish using the default config and then the default_JMS_host, the broker is the same of the DAS? In the article is written that when i create a instance in a cluster each instance has its own MQbroker, but when i add instance to a cluster the broker is always the same. I don't understand the following:
1 The broker by default is unique for each glassfish domain ?
2 Every time that i create a instance in a cluster I must create its own broker or it's created by default and I don'y know where to find it. I ask this because to me seems that each instance by deafalut speak with the same broker (the DAS broker).
3 If I want to achieve what it's shown in figure 5 (1 broker for each instance without HADB) should i use the embedded profile, or also the local is good? If the response at question number 2 is that i need to create the broker manually then the communication between them is achieved in an automatic fashion or Do I need to setup that?
4 The brokers in figure 5 are actually used for enabling (it's written for administrative use) the communication between the DAS and the node agent ? It's right to use them for applicative uses or it's reccomandable to create others brokers? In this case Do I need to setup in some way that the brokers are in the same cluster?
Sorry for the relatively dummy question but I'm a beginner when it comes to clustering and as eveyone can see my english it's a little bad.