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The Bloody Bat and Fixing Regressions

Posted by kellyohair on February 1, 2006 at 2:52 PM PST

<br /> The Bloody Bat and Fixing Regressions<br />


First I'm going to tell a little story about the bloody bat, then
I'll explain what it has to do with Regressions in the JDK
(if you haven't heard about the Mustang JDK Regression Challenge,
go to

For those of you with children, and especially female children
this story may strike a cord. If your female children aren't
quite to the dating stage, boy are you in for it. ;^)

I don't know why I do these things, I suspect it had to do with
being raised in a house with just brothers and no sisters.
But I became concerned about some of the young men that were
being brought to our home.
I figured that it would be important for them to know that
the girl's father could be a little deranged, and maybe, just
maybe, that fact would 'keep them in line'.
So I took my Louisville slugger bat and applied some drippings
of red paint. I also did this to a metal stake that I use on
Halloween, but that's another story.
Anyway, when we would have young male visitors, or even large groups
of young female visitors at the home (they would spread the word
about the lunatic father), I would come in from the back door
with the bloody bat saying things like
"That cat won't come in our back yard again.", or
"Oh no, you have MORE guests? I just got clean up.", or
"I didn't know I could hit a squirrel that far.".
You get the idea.
Sometimes they would laugh, think it was funny, but sometimes
their eyes would get big and they'd really think I was crazy.

Now I have no idea if this worked or not, but so far all the
boyfriends have been polite and my kids are turning out to be
fantastic kids, even if their father is bit bonko.
Of course their mother probably had the most to do with my
kids being so fantastic, I probably just ruined their
young dating years
(and that's a bad thing? :^).

SO. What does this have to do with finding JDK regressions?
Nothing really, it's not like I can influence you to find
and file JDK regressions, I mean, I don't even know where you
live. Do I? :^)

In all seriousness, we really want to beat all the regressions out
of this Mustang release, and we need your help.
Nothing is too small to tell us about, and everyone is taking
this very seriously.
And what the heck, you might win a pretty slick machine!

By the way, most of us Sun employees are pretty bummed that we aren't
in the running to win this machine.
I may need to go make a visit to the person that made up those
rules, humm where's my bat? ;^)

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