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OpenJDK Mercurial Transition Update 5

Posted by kellyohair on October 21, 2007 at 1:10 PM PDT

Update 5

    Well we had a few snafus with Build 22.
    A hotspot bug
    managed to sneak in, and the jaxws workspace lost some GPL markings
    and we will need to back out the jaxws integration in Build 23
    (this should be temporary, expect jaxws to be re-integrated in a few

    The split of the langtools, corba, jaxp, and jaxws workspaces has
    continued to cause some minor issues with regards to doing partial
    builds from the j2se workspace. Most of these have been resolved
    in build 23 coming up.

    We did have a few changes to the plan.
    Build 23 is being used (in TeamWare) to hold changes like
    whitespace normalization, SCCS keyword removal, and
    also the j2se name change ("j2se" is being changed to "jdk").
    No team integrations will be allowed in Build 23 with the exception of
    emergency fixes (like the above hotspot bug fix).

    Build 24 will be in Mercurial and the files managed by TeamWare
    in Build 23 will be the same files that enter the initial
    Build 24 Mercurial repositories.
    There are a few restructuring things that will happen though as
    the Mercurial images are created. There will not be a "control"
    repository, instead there will be a Makefile at the top of
    the forest which is the same Makefile that used to be at
    So when you used to:

      cd control/make && gnumake

    Now you would:



    OpenJDK forest
    for more information on the layout.

    Build 23 is being worked on now and should be available within
    a week, doing the Mercurial conversion for Build 24 should be fairly
    straight forward, but getting everything all setup for the
    integrators and developers is not a trivial task, so once we
    have repositories it may take a few weeks to get it all setup.
    Hopefully, read-only MASTER repositories can be made available as
    soon as possible, and maybe sooner so that we can get help trying
    things out and looking for issues.

    Stay tuned...


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