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OpenJDK Mercurial Transition Update 6

Posted by kellyohair on November 1, 2007 at 6:19 PM PDT

Update 6

    Build 23 has been promoted, so far there is at least one build bug found (see
    6624808 or this openjdk build-dev email).
    But these sources will be used pretty much 'as is' to start the Mercurial repositories and Build 24,
    of which experimental repositories are available at:
    right now.
    The control directory disappears and it's Makefile is made part of the
    enclosing repository.
    If you have the Mercurial forest extension in your Mercurial installation, you can simply:

      hg fclone

    And have your own forest clone of the OpenJDK to play with.

    Also see

    OpenJDK forest

    OpenJDK Integration Wheel
    , and

    Working in a Mercurial World

    for more information.

    We are in the final lap... "official" repositories are very close.


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