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OpenJDK Mercurial Transition Final Update

Posted by kellyohair on December 5, 2007 at 8:15 AM PST

Final Update

    Hip Hip Hooray!

    JDK7 Build 24 has been promoted (no raise, just a promotion :^).
    Remember, Build 24 should not differ from Build 23, in fact if they don't behave exactly the same, please report it as a bug.
    The only difference is that Build 23 was built from sources that lived
    in TeamWare workspaces, and Build 24 was built from those same sources living in Mercurial repositories.

    The open source repositories used to create Build 24 are available at:
    These are often called the jdk7 master repositories.

    If you have Mercurial installed on your system, and you have it setup with the forest extension on, building the openjdk should be as easy as:

    "Ha!" he says, like it can be so easy. :^)

    Refer to the complete build instructions in the file yourjdk7/README-builds.html.
    Hopefully, over the next few months, I can now fix some of the build problems people have been running into.
    I'll push my build changes into the build area at
    along with anyone else making build related changes, and then occasionally this build area will be integrated into the master repositories.
    The same integration procedure that many of the team areas will follow, although it may take some time for all the various pipelines
    to warm up, so to speak.
    Should be a fun ride, buckle your seat belts.

    Speaking of fun rides, on Highway 101 in the Oregon Dunes area,
    you can ride in a sand rail (with a professional driver),
    definitely an "E Ticket" ride.


    Google "sanddunes frontier" for more information, no cloning necessary. ;^)


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