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Portal Software Poll

Posted by ken_ramirez on November 17, 2004 at 9:00 AM PST

I just recently learned of a site that is currently hosting a Portal Software Poll to determine what the market share of each Portal platform happens to be. If you're interested in either participating in the poll or just viewing the results, please visit the site.

There are also some interesting things related to Portals and Portlets on the site as well.

Also, check out Punit Pandey's Blog. It contains many interesting links including:

* Links to articles regarding Portlets

* Links to free Portlets across the Internet

* And much more

Last, but not least; Please join the various mail list and begin to participate. The more people we have making noise about portlets, the more popular they'll become.

1. The Pluto User List
2. The JetSpeed-2 User List
3. The Portlet User List (on Yahoo Groups)
4. The WSRP4J User List

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