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The JavaOne 2009 Twitter Network

Posted by editor on May 3, 2009 at 2:31 PM PDT

A lot of people will be at JavaOne 2009, but due to the present economy, there are a lot of other people who wish they could attend, but can't. For this reason, I'd like to create a " JavaOne 2009 Twitter network" -- wherein people who would like to follow the events at JavaOne 2009 via Twitter will be able to "follow" a group of people who have the good fortune to actually be there.

If you'll be at JavaOne 2009 and you'd like to invite other Twitterers to follow your coverage of the conference, please post a comment below, stating your Twitter address and, if you'd like, some bio info.

My Twitter address is @diyincite -- which stands for "Do-It-Yourself incite" -- trying to "incite" the "do-it-yourself" creative mentality. It's a name I came up with when I was doing a project for O'Reilly on MySpace, trying to get some young people interested in programming.

I'm not a "big" Twitterer, historically. At JavaOne I'll be primarily stationed in the booth. I won't be roaming around the conference or attending many sessions. However, I will be interviewing a lot of interesting people as part of the CommunityOne podcasts event. I'll surely be tweeting about those interviews, both in advance and after the fact -- and I'll post the links as the podcasts come online.

In addition, I expect to meet a lot of people (I'm asking them to stop by at the booth). So, I'll be tweeting about that as well.

That's nice, but I need help from other people who will be at JavaOne -- people who will be speaking/presenting, developers who will be attending sessions I can't attend, etc. If you'll be at JavaOne, please consider posting your Twitter address in a comment below, so those who cannot attend will be able to follow your activities as well as mine, and stay informed regarding the innovations and the debates that will form the important content of the conference, and also participate in the general excitement and enthusiasm that we'll witness there.

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You can see my tweets during JavaOne at

ok, I created my twitter account few months ago but I confess I never used that :) eheh, so I guess this will be a nice way to try it out.. I believe my twitter is fgaucho... but I will confirm until JavaOne..

I'm (aka @RobertFischer). I speak on the No Fluff, Just Stuff tour, contribute quite a bit to Grails, wrote "Grails Persistence with GORM and GSQL", and will be covering JavaOne for my blog, EnfranchisedMind ( I'm very interested in concurrency, alternative JVM languages, and podcasts. Alex -- I'll definitely be at your "Concurrency Gotchas" presentation.

I'll be tweeting and blogging from JavaOne as @puredanger. I maintain the Java 7 page at and the Java 7 link blog at Last year I did quite a bit of blogging which you can find here I'm speaking on Java Concurrency Gotchas if you want to catch my session...

I'll be twittering about JavaOne @caroljmcdonald

I'll be twittering ( and bloging ( from JavaOne. I'll also be speaking about Getting Serious About Build Automation: Using Maven in the Real World.

Fabiane Nardon wrote to tell me that the Java Tools Community has created a Twitter account for JavaOne:

I will be attending and Twittering. I am @craigsdickson ( Cheers, Craig (