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JavaFX Olympics Event Schedule App Is Quite Useful for Olympic Fanatics

Posted by kfarnham on February 20, 2010 at 8:45 AM PST

The 2010 Vancouver Olympics web site includes a nice little JavaFX Olympics events schedule application that's quite useful for people who like following almost every Olympic sport. Actually, I suppose it's useful even if you follow only a few sports.

The application shows you events that are currently in progress or which will start in the next several hours. Clicking on an event link launches a browser page that shows the details for that event. The time tool lets you view the schedule in your local time or in Vancouver time. Language choices are English or French.

I've been watching almost everything thus far -- at least, I've had the TV on many hours each day, while I work on various tasks. While the little TV schedule I have tells me what events will be on, it doesn't identify the exact start times of events, or who's playing who in team sports. The 2010 Olympic Event ticker shows me these details, and fits compactly in the upper right corner of my desktop. A cool little demonstration of JavaFX, that lets me plan the next several hours of my day.

Speaking of which, since the next hockey game is a little over three hours from now, it's time for me to run downtown and get today's shopping errands out of the way. Yes, this means I'll miss some of the early ends of the USA/Sweden curling match -- but something's got to give somewhere!

Go USA (and many others)!

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