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J2SE 5.0 (Tiger) is out!

Posted by kgh on September 30, 2004 at 1:25 AM PDT

J2SE 5.0 (Tiger) is out!

The J2SE 5.0 final bits are now available at

And there is a variety of news about the release on

The JCP Executive Committee approved the last 12 Tiger JSRs on
September 14th. Less formally, but just as importantly, we then
received our official blessing from the J2SE Quality Assurance
team that we meet all the release criteria and are ready to go.
Yesterday we did the final round of formal release approvals
inside of Sun, including things like getting formal approval
from the product support team that they believe the product is
ready to ship and they are ready to support it.

Overall release quality is looking extremely good. The QA team
runs some heavy-duty stress tests, where the "pass" criteria
is that the systems stay up for a certain number of days. Well,
at this point all those tests systems have been running for five
weeks and they look like staying up until we decide to pull the
power cord. Happiness!

Tiger has been a big release and it is great to see it ship.
There have been hundreds of contributors, from across the world,
and across the industry. Many many thanks to everyone who has
contributed, either through helping to develop the new APIs in the
JCP, or through contributing to the implementation, or through
helping to test and stabilize the release. It has been a big
effort but it has been well worth it.

Now on to Mustang and Dolphin! For details on the release plans
for J2SE post-tiger take a look at

Mark Reinhold's blog
on the New Release Model.

- Graham

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