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Tiger Status: Release Candidate is out

Posted by kgh on September 1, 2004 at 12:53 PM PDT

This is a quick update on where we are with Tiger (J2SE 5.0).

We're now in the final haul, heading towards a target
release date of September 30th.

The Release Candidate went out today:

This should be
pretty much the final bits, barring any major show-stopper
issues. Overall quality is looking good (I think Mark Reinhold will be blogging more about this soon).

The Tiger JSRs are now in Java Community Process Final
Ballot and we hope we'll get the JCP Executive Committee
final approval on the 14th.

Overall the release seems to be on track for final
release on September 30th. We will be watching carefully
for feedback on RC and we may do small schedule updates
if needed, but we're hoping we'll be able to hit the 30th.

Now on to Mustang and Dolphin!

- Graham

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