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"Evolving the Java Platform"

Posted by kgh on May 17, 2005 at 9:49 AM PDT

The kind folks at Software Development Times asked me to write
an article on
the future directions for the Java platform. This has now
surfaced in
their May 15th edition as

Evolving the Java Platform

This includes some thoughts on the planned directions
for Mustang, Dolphin, and J2EE 5.0.

They also broke out a separate short article on

Increasing Transparency: Project Peabody

which discusses some of the things we are doing to
simplify J2SE licensing and encourage community
contributions into Mustang.

We'll be talking in more detail about all these topics (and
a lot more) at JavaOne 2005,
June 27-30 in San Francisco.

  - Graham

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