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Slides for JavaOne Technical Keynote

Posted by kgh on July 10, 2005 at 5:31 PM PDT

Here are the PDF slides for the JavaOne 2005

Technical Keynote
(450 K).

The Technical Keynote is our attempt to provide a high
level overview of the roadmaps and big directions for
the core Java platform. The rough agenda was:

  • JavaTM SE Roadmaps (Graham Hamilton)
    • Mustang, Dolphin, and more
  • JavaTM EE Roadmaps (Bill Shannon)
    • Java EE 5, EJB 3.0, JAX-WS and more
  • SOA (Mark Hapner)
    • Service Oriented Architecture and the Java platform

The JavaTM ME roadmaps were covered
in a special kickoff session for the Java ME track. (We had way
too much material to fit into a single keynote session.)

The Technical Keynote aims to provide a high level overview to help
set direction at the start of the conference. But the real technical
meat is, of course, in the individual technical sessions.
The PDFs for all the technical sessions will be going on-line in a
few weeks and those will provide much more detail on specific areas.

  - Graham