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I'm Looking for some Java Boilerplate

Posted by kgh on November 15, 2005 at 6:18 AM PST

We know we have a lot of power in the Java platform, but sometimes
that power has come at a cost in simplicity. We want to improve that,
and Ease-of-Development has been a major focus of Tiger, Mustang and
Java EE 5.
Sometimes we need to add major new features to simplify life
for developers but often the problem isn't that there
is missing functionality, but that the existing functionality is
cumbersome to use, or requires typing unnecessary boilerplate code.

To give you a sense of the kinds of things I'm talking about, see

My Favorite (Dead) Java Boilerplate
. That gives five examples
of removing rough edges and simplifying common tasks.

We've accomplished a lot already, specially in Tiger and in Java EE 5.
But I think there is still more to do and I am looking for the next
set of things we ought to try to simplify or eliminate.

You can help. What are your favorite Java annoyances? I'm
particularly looking for areas where people regularly have to type
in awkward or redundant code that ought to be eliminated. In this
context, I am mostly not looking for big language changes
or major framework proposals. (We tend to do quite enough of that already!)
I'm hunting for the smaller polishings that often get overlooked.

(Many thanks to people who've already posted suggestions!)

If you have other suggestions, send an email describing the problem to We probably won't be able to respond
to individual suggestions, but we will read all the proposals carefully.
Note: you don't need to provide a solution. If we can clearly identify
the problems we have a large toolbag to attack them with.

This is your chance to help get your favorite rough edges fixed!

  - Graham