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Hurtling Towards JavaOne...

Posted by kgh on May 5, 2006 at 9:13 AM PDT

I'm in my normal ten-days-to-JavaOne panic phase, but the various
pieces are starting to come together.

are I are finalizing the slides for the
JavaOne 2006

Technical General Session
at 12:15 on Tuesday the 16th.
This is the session where we provide the overall roadmaps
for the Java SE and EE platforms, to try to give people a context
for the many individual technical sessions and BOFs that follow.

As usual we're panicking over having far too much material for the
available time. We'll be
covering Mustang and Java EE 5, but we'll also have a section towards
the end looking forward to Dolphin and other new technologies.
This year we're including a range of demos, so you can see the
reality, both of the "Now and How" for Java EE 5 and for some of
the future ideas. So grab your box lunch and bring it into the
keynote room for our 12:15 start!

The program of general sessions start with the Tuesday morning Sun
executive keynote with
Jonathan Schwartz and Jeff Jackson
The Thursday morning keynote from
Gamma and John Wiegand
of IBM
should be particularly interesting: it promises many insights
from their Eclipse experiences. And on Friday,
and James
will show
us the latest, greatest, craziest, most fun Java innovations!

There are, of course, a vast range of
Sessions and BOFs
covering all kinds of key Java technologies.
but, in addition to the sessions and BOFs, I wanted to plug a few
associated community events:

  • Mustang Community
    party, at the Argent Hotel, Tuesday, May 16, 8:30pm. Come here if
    you are contributing, or would like to contribute to Mustang and Dolphin.

  • Glassfish Community
    JUG and Reception, at the Argent Hotel, Wednesday, May 17, 5-7 pm, for participants
    and users of Sun's open source Java EE 5 project.

  • Java Community Process Reception
    at the Argent Hotel, Wednesday, May 17, 6:30-8:00 pm, for JCP participants.

Now I have to run -
Chet has just got me
some new benchmark data to expose (!) concrete numbers for the
benefits of the famous
UI fix...

  - Graham

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