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Slides for JavaOne 2006 Technical Keynote

Posted by kgh on May 17, 2006 at 2:32 PM PDT

Here are the slides Bill Shannon and I used for the JavaOne 2006
Technical Keynote. These cover the high-level roadmaps for Java SE
and EE, including Java SE 6 (Mustang), the Now and How of Java EE 5,
plus future directions.

Among the future directions were some of the initial ideas for Java SE 7 (Dolphin) and
new language technologies including Visual Basic for the Java Platform (Project
Semplice) and JavaScript in the Java EE Web-Tier (Project Phobos).

Please feel free to reuse these slides to spread the Java Platform

What the slides can't show is the various fine demos:

  • Chet Haase
    showed Mustang desktop integration features, including the
    Vista look-and-feel, splash screen support, icons in the system tray,
    and launching native apps.

  • Ludovic Champenois
    showed Java EE 5 in action, including building
    a Web Service in
    NetBeans 5.5;
    building a transactional web service
    vi and javac; and finally building a Java EE 5 app with Java
    Persistence, again in NetBeans 5.5.

  • Tor Norbye
    showed the Visual Basic language support from Project Semplice,
    using Java Studio Creator to build a JSF web application using VB code
    for its application logic. For more on Semplice, see
    Tor's blog.

  • Roberto Chinnici showed off
    Project Phobos, using JavaScript within the
    Java web-tier to implement a rich Web 2.0 application, with Ajax on the
    client calling to JavaScript pages and servlets running on
    Glassfish. For
    more on Phobos, see
    Roberto's blog.

Also, if you're interested, a video replay of the session is available (in three segments) on the

JavaOne Tuesday General Sessions

  - Graham

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