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Pixel Precision the Almighty

Posted by kirillcool on June 8, 2005 at 3:45 AM PDT

While the debates rage on with a lot of unsupported claims on both sides, while various projects aim to fix problems that are apparently known to developers only, while the developers themselves publish elaborate techniques to perfectly imitate behaviour that will be changed by OS vendor in the next version, where is the truth?

Many have praised this new Pixel Precision deity, many have claimed that this deity fails to account for successful UIs such as WinAmp or Media Player. I suspect that there are many followers of this new deity that wish to emulate native look and feel while at the same time thoroughly despising the OS vendor and all its products. All in the name of the end user experience.

Many have claimed that the default Metal LAF is obsolete and its replacement should have nothing to do with water. Many have demanded to incorporate open source LAFs into Mustang, hailing them as saviours long thought to be lost.

But what about that most sacred and decisive argument that serves both sides so well - the end user experience? Where is that mythical user that shatters his new LCD in frustration seeing awkward bluish rectangular buttons and at the same time screams in anguish seeing familiar look and feel in the completely different OS? That mythical user that is cited not once too many by both sides as the ultimate goal, the holy Grail of LAF, so to speak? Is he aware at all that such a problem exists? Has he been approached in a systematic manner? Has he been presented with some new application in assortment of LAFs? Did he have a chance to make his statement?