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You say Eclipse, I say IBM

Posted by kirillcool on June 21, 2005 at 12:43 AM PDT

So, let's take a look at the list of 219 bugs fixed in the latest release candidate for 3.1 version. 159 (that's right, seventy two percent) have been fixed by IBM employees in four different countries. The list for EMF (open and closed bugs) contains 877 entries, all of them assigned to IBM mail addresses. The list for Hyades (open and closed) contains 3534 bugs, almost all of them for IBM addresses. They can babble all they want about gazillions of members on Eclipse board, but the fact still remains - it's open source (as much as Sun's projects on, but it's powered exclusively by IBM.

And another, more alarming thing. It is true that Eclipse is now much faster than it was a few months ago (thanks to the competition with NetBeans). It is true that on small screens (15") it has much better layout than IntelliJ. But at what price it comes?


100MB for an IDE? More than twice than the latest Mustang JDK that receives much blame for the bloat? Twice the size of IntelliJ? Twice the size of NetBeans? I don't see twice the features (although there are some nice ones that are only now being developed in other IDEs, such as CamelCase, undo refactor etc).

And the last note - i guess the 3.1 version will make it just in time for the JavaOne presentations, but judging by the amount of bugs fixed (219 for RC3, 716 for RC2 and 805 for RC1) I would prefer focusing less on quantity and more on quality.

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