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"Death to the Browser" - bring on a real application platform

Posted by kirillcool on November 1, 2005 at 3:41 AM PST

Quote from Sean Rhody's entry on WebServices Journal (marked by me in bold):

What is needed is the Post Browser, the Next Browser, whatever name you want to give to it. Sure, it can still run HTML (the old stuff), in a container that is essentially the same as today's browser. However it should be capable of complete look-and-feel customization via a standard markup language. It should provide a rich set of custom controls and be able to access the desktop (with appropriate security, of course). It should have a native, secure, bidirectional mechanism, and one that supports multiple connections so that we can access services from multiple sources in a composite application. It should also have extensible controls so that we can extend and improve the behavior of controls and applications as needed. Furthermore those extensions should become part of the next release of the standard, which shouldn't take years to come forward.

Hmmm, kind of reminds me of what Java gives you today in form of Swing applications (surprise). Synth for XML customizable look-and-feel, JNLP security mechanism for accessing the desktop, JDIC for integrating the browser (until Flying saucer is ready), all the power of networking you can want (from raw sockets to JAX WS), and a lot of custom controls from third-party vendors.

So, all in favor of reinventing the wheel - raise your hand. All others - continue using Swing.

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