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Color up, Scherbatsky

Posted by kirillcool on April 16, 2006 at 1:21 PM PDT

Substance LAF has turned one year old during a ten-hour flight over the Atlantic (on April 14) and celebrated this joyous event by providing even more color themes than before. The Aqua default theme is of no surprise

And along with it comes a variety of bright themes such as Bottle Green and Sunset

cold themes for subdued look such as Olive and Steel Blue

and dark themes (much reworked for the upcoming release 2.3 code-named Firenze) such as Ebony and Dark Violet

The upcoming release 2.3 features inverted themes (available for all base bright and cold themes) such as Inverted Aqua and Inverted Sunset

as well as mixed themes such as Bottle Green & Lime Green and Brown & Sun Glare

The latest additions are tinted (shifted towards white), toned (shifted towards gray) and shaded (shifted towards black) color themes. Illustrated below are the original (Aqua) color theme, 40% tinted, 40% toned and 40% shaded versions of the same theme:

All of the above plus the theme pack with additional twenty one base themes brings the potential of tens of thousands of original color themes to the Java desktop applications. See the complete theme documentation for more information and run the WebStart test application to experience the color themes in action.

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