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Matrix screensaver for Swing apps

Posted by kirillcool on June 22, 2006 at 9:05 AM PDT

The last thing i did before moving to the States was taking one of my old apps (written for Java 1.1, so the entire imaging stack was written from the ground up, including the alpha channel blending, antialiased line drawing, index color models and such) and turning it into a Swing screensaver. The project page is right here, and once you run your application under laf-widget compliant
look and feel, simply place matrix-rain.jar in the classpath and press Ctrl+Alt+M in your frame. Here are a few screenshots of the screensaver in progress:

If you decide to use the screensaver in your app, you may need to specify the heap size to be 256 or 378 megs, since some of the stuff is precomputed for smoother animation framerate. Last thing - this was written back in 2000-2003, so don't view the code as the correct way to use Java2D (since it doesn't use any).