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Animating your lists, tables and trees

Posted by kirillcool on September 16, 2006 at 12:38 AM PDT

Most of the comments on Romain's blog were animation-related. Indeed, the latest trend in the UI world seems to be animations (on pretty much everything), including fade-ins on rollovers, selections, layout changes and what not. So, what better thing to add to the latest drop of denied Substance if not the support for animated fades on lists (was already there in release 3.0), tables and trees.

So, if you're running under the latest dev drop (and by all means, try it out on the real-world applications and let me know of the issues you encounter - i know of few of them already which i'll fix tomorrow between the Flying Irish and Longhorns games) - you'll see something similar to the movie linked below (which is my first experience with the Wink).

In order to view the Flash movie, click right here and wait for the movie to load (in a separate page). It's 1.6MB

Note that you have animations on rollovers and selections, with multiple animations running on the same list / tree / table (all on the same thread). In addition, the animations take into account the model changes and control changes (tree collapse e.g.) that happen during the animation cycles. Click the link below to launch the WebStart application shown in the demo video.