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Experimenting with scroll panes and scroll bars

Posted by kirillcool on November 3, 2006 at 9:41 PM PST

I have mixed thoughts about the My Dream App contest. On one hand, the screenshots and the mockup videos are spectacular (check this 16MB Quicktime Movie, 800x600). On the other hand, these are really only screenshots and mockup videos, at least for now. One of these screenshots caught my eye - see this 1024*768 mockup of the winning idea (creating a dynamic weather-based desktop). What are you looking at? That translucent scrollbar that partially shows the part of the view behind it.

Substance 3.1 is in the release candidate stage (release is on November 13), and Substance 3.2 is just starting. So, what better place to test Swing's ability to provide such a feature than the look-and-feel UI delegates? Without much ado, click on the link below and see it for yourself. The slider controls the translucency of the scroll bars and the scroll buttons. Play with the slider and with the scrollbars themselves.

Here are a few screenshots for the people behind the firewalls and filters. Scroll pane with 50% opacity on scroll bars and scroll buttons:

Scroll pane with 80% opacity on scroll bars and scroll buttons:

Scroll pane with 30% opacity on scroll bars and scroll buttons:

I'd be happy to hear your thoughts about the current visual results, possible improvements and any other suggestions.

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