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Where have i been?

Posted by kirillcool on January 12, 2007 at 10:13 AM PST

My last blog entry was back in November and it marked the last major core feature added to the Iowa release of Substance look and feel. The 45 days since were spent on one of the more important and less rewarding tasks in open source development - documentation.

Some choose to charge money for documentation of their open source projects. Some prefer not to write any (saying that the code is the best documentation). Some cram as much as possible into Javadocs and use custom doclets to generate tons of "documentation". Personally, none of the above works for me.

So, the result of these 45 days is:

  • 118 sample standalone applications (available in test.samples package in the Substance distribution).
  • 206 screenshots.
  • 135 inter-linked documentation pages with formatted code, screenshots and explanations.

These represent complete documentation for Substance API, Substance client properties and laf-widget client properties. Each code sample is a complete standalone (except icon loading) application which shows either a single or a logical group of 2-3 related API calls / client properties.

This effort has been partially inspired by the documentation of the excellent Quaqua look-and-feel, as well as by the user requests on particular feature use (this month the number of private e-mails for this project has reached 2500 mark).

The next release is planned on February 4th and i'd like to extend my thanks for all the bug reports (especially to qu0ll), testing ans using Substance. I'm also pleased to say searching for java look and feel in MSN Live search puts Substance at the first spot (in Google it's 4th and in Yahoo it's 9th):


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