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Substance LAF 3.3 official release

Posted by kirillcool on April 16, 2007 at 12:15 AM PDT

Yet another year has passed and Substance has celebrated its second birthday. As scheduled, the release for version 3.3 (Iowa) is available. The list of new features includes:

  • Support for high DPI
  • New skins: Business Blue Steel, Business Black Steel, Raven Graphite and Raven Graphite Glass
  • Arc header painter
  • Streamlined slider painting
  • Animation on slider thumb proximity
  • Flat title painter
  • Themed button icons
  • New watermark
  • Tree decorations animation

In addition, the following new features from release 3.0 of laf-widget project are available:

  • New modes for tab overview dialog
  • Improving grid tab overview mode
  • Support for ghost effects under other LAFs
  • Focus looping animation

Thanks to all the bug submitters (especially Jan Erik) and the users for making this happen. The next release is planned for September. If you happen to be at this year's JavaOne, come and visit the community corner on Thursday at 12:30 to learn more about Substance. The Substance plugin for NetBeans has been updated as well. You can also get it at the new NetBeans plugin portal - type the word "Substance" in the search box.

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