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Bringing life to Swing desktop applications - all you need to know

Posted by kirillcool on May 13, 2007 at 8:43 PM PDT

You might have seen the teasers (first and second), and now it's the time for all the links.

  • The slides are right here (PDF format, so you can right-click on it and save instead of viewing directly in the browser).
  • The full sources for the main demo are in the CVS repository of Rainbow project (along with the WebStart link).
  • For more information about bytecode injection read this page.
  • The source code for demoes is available here (ghost effects) and here (transition effects).

Many thanks to Alex for having me as a co-presenter. Thanks to all who came to see our presentation, and for those who asked questions.

And one last thing. One of the comments on the previous blog entry requested animating the search mask (on dynamic search result updating). The implementation of the matching JXLayer painter can be found here. Here is how it looks like in action - note how the search mask is animated according to the current search string (in the top-right portion of the frame) and to the current icon scale (last few seconds of the video clip):

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